About Us
About the Founder

Babatunde Beeks is an innovative mentor and public speaker, accomplished fitness specialist, and aspiring author. He practices unorthodox yet frank methods and techniques, to become a positive influence on at-risk youth, trainees, and audiences both young and old.

The Beginning
Babatunde was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. As a young boy he often dreamed of being a doctor simply because he was intrigued with the notion of being able to help others. Even at a very young age he had a personality magnetic enough to charm others with his infectious yet humble allure.

In his early years, he succumbed to peer pressure and had a few run-ins with the law. Rather than continuing down a path of 'destruction', Babatunde embraced a more positive journey, with spirituality leading the way. He was introduced to a God that he would later have a personal relationship with and get to know for himself as the one and only true living God. Led by this faith, his original dream of helping others would eventually manifest as a mentor, fitness specialist, author and public speaker.

Mentor/Public Speaker
Guided by divine inspiration, Babatunde began to realize not only did he love to help others, but possessed a natural gift to do so. He began to share his story with youth, both boys and girls. The young men and women he encountered were inspired by his uncanny ability to relate to their issues and life experiences. He was able to relate with first hand accounts of past occurrences that were similar to theirs. With the creation of The START Program, he became able to equip youth with the necessary pieces to complete the intricate and challenging puzzle of life and raise them to become leaders that would eventually make a positive contribution to communities and society in their own unique way. This became part of his mission. Most of the youth he encountered wrote letters, made calls and did whatever they could to connect with him to express how much he had impacted their lives. Those letters would play an integral part in his decision to maintain The START Program.

Fitness Specialist
Babatunde is a graduate of NPTI (National Personal Training Institute), a certified fitness specialist with A-CPT certification, and is CPR and AED Certified through the American Heart Association. He teaches clients young and old, how to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, make better nutritional choices and increase flexibility.

In 2011 Babatunde completed his first Christian-Fiction short story, Inside Out, a parable about self-realization, and development. He is in the midst of writing his 2nd book, due to be completed by the Spring of 2016.

Giving Back
Babatunde served as Site Coordinator for District 204 before and after school programs for grades K-5.  He also dedicates time to Wayside Cross and Global Girls, a 13 year old non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young girls 8-18, on the South Side of Chicago. He often participates in fundraisers and short-term mentoring projects often on a volunteer basis.