What We Do

*Roundtable Discussions:
Here is where we facilitate round table discussions and communicate.  It is a safe space where we learn about one another and share real life experiences.  Here is where we  identify and combat the everyday issues of life.  As a result, the participants become better communicators with the ability to successfully contribute to society and become our future leaders.

We conduct onsite and offsite workshops, where participants are able to exemplify the life lessons they're taught amongst their peers, mentors, and other members of society.

*Round Table Project:
Birthed from the Roundtable Discussions; Here is where we come together as a group, learn woodworking skills from a master carpenter, implement the new knowledge, and build dining room tables from scratch.  The tables are then to be sold and periodically donated to families to help instill Roundtable Discussions at home.  It is well documented that eating at home as a family is beneficial on many levels. Benefits include healthier eating habits, families are encouraged to talk more thus making it more likely that parents hear of serious problems sooner, higher attendance at school, less drug use and abuse, building social skills, and more.  The participants will gain new skills which will prepare them for the workforce as well as business ownership opportunities.

*Fitness Program:
We offer a continual fitness program for participants in order to implement a healthier lifestyle.  We do group exercises, boxing, circuit training, one on one training and more.  With certified fitness specialists available we offer inexpensive fitness classes to others as well.

*Summer Olympics:
Here, participants and others around the city and state will incorporate their training and fun, competitive spirits and compete in various Olympic style events.  These events will include endurance, track & field, strength, tug of war and sports activities.

*Aurora Neighborhood Baseball League (We had an awesome season. See you next Summer)

We also offer:

*School Based Programs
*Before & After School Programs
*Summer Camps
*Field Trips

*Cultural Diversity Exercises
*Speaking Engagements
*Peace Circles
*One on One Coaching